Book Reports

February 1, 2018 Book Report for Third Grade
Due: Friday, February 1, 2018

Your child’s book is needed at school along with your diorama on Feb. 1st.
Read an Accelerated Book at least 80 pages long. If your child struggles with reading a book that long, please contact me for a revised number. Remember to check the AR listing online for many more choices in AR reading. Children who already have an AR may get written approval for a different book from Mrs. Droogsma prior to Feb.1st  .

Design a diorama about your book. A diorama is a three dimensional scene depicting an important section of your book. You can use paints, papers, toys, etc. to help you. You should not buy items for your diorama – use your imagination to find what you need!  Use a shoe box. Decorate all sides of your box that means the back side, too. Be creative, hang things from the sky and use your shoe box lid as an extension of your project. Somewhere on your project you should have a sign that states the title of the book, the author, the illustrator, and your name.  Be sure to look on my website for picture examples of previous years for ideas.

Fill out the book report form about your book. (See attachment)
Your oral presentation is reading your book report form, and then you may also tell us how you made your project. This is just done in front of your classmates.
Remember you can start working on your diorama before you finish reading your entire book. Be sure to review the grading sheet before turning your project in at school.

Grading Points: 88 points total
Book at school: 2 points         Shoe box: 2 points                 
All parts of the visible shoe box=inside/ back/lid/top/sides covered and decorated: 10 points
AR book 80 pages or longer: 4 points   Non-AR: -10 points (unless you have written approval)
Sign: 10 points (title underlined, author’s name, illustrator, your name on the sign)
Overall design of diorama: 25 points      
 Is it creative? Do you have hanging objects? Is your sign in place? Did you decorate and cover all the sides of your diorama? Do you have one scene depicted from your book? 

Book Form: 25 points     Is the form filled out correctly? Is it neat? Are words spelled correctly?  Are your sentences interesting, and do they begin differently?

Oral Presentation: 10 points     Did you read your form clearly and loudly? Did you make eye contact with your audience?

I showed the children some examples from previous years in the classroom.

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