Book Reports

Third Grade 3rd Term Book Reports
This term, your child can choose one of the following options for their book report.  Watch spelling on reports. This report is due by Friday, May 17th. If your child finishes before the deadline, they may of course bring it to school early. (In fact, I’d strongly encourage it.) Book should be an AR chapter book that is the appropriate level for your child and at least 90 pages long. (and not one that they have already done)

Option 1:
Create a mini book based on your story using your online. You may create a free account for your child. This book should be at least eight pages long. Remember you cannot quote any part of the story exactly as it is written in the book. Use your own words to summarize the story. One idea might be to do a page about the characters; another about the story’s setting, and then summarize the highlights of the story. You should record yourself reading the story so we can hear it at school on the screen.

Option 2:
Create your own reenactment of the story in video. Invite your friends, family members, or classmates to star in your video. You should be able to create a brief script so your characters know what to say. Or use your voice and toys or stuffed animals to be the actors and your voice can be the characters.

Option 3:
Create a cartoon version or summary of your book. This should be at least 14 panels long with colored illustrations and speech bubbles. There are some online programs that are available.

Option 5:
Make a Prezi presentation about your story. If you have an older child, they may be familiar with this program. This is also a free account/program available online.

Option 6:
Write a four paragraph report about your story. Each paragraph should be at least four sentences long. Be sure to have a topic sentence and three supporting details in each paragraph. Then create an 8 ½ x 11 illustration cover for your book. Make it colorful.

Option 7:
Create a slide program with your gmail account or make a Power Point presentation. You should have at least eight slides and summarize the story.

Option 8:
Create a board game based on the book. Be creative, parts of the story should be in your cards and on your game board. Be sure to have questions about your story on the game cards. Game board should reflect the story’s setting, characters, and plot if possible. To receive a high grade for this project, be sure to should lots of creativity and understanding of your story.

Option 9:
Create a calendar with different activities or events from your book. Illustrate each month with a picture from the story.

Option 10:
Create a menu. Appetizers might be a list of the characters with a description of them. Entrees might be different events that happened in the story. Desserts might be your favorite parts of the story. Illustrate with meals, or pictures from the story.

Option 11:
Make a blog or video blog of the events in your story. You could report if doing a video blog in different areas to match your story.

*If your child has another idea, they can pitch their idea to me for approval. I am looking for creativity on this project, so it is okay to think outside the box.

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